Welcome Candles

This range of candles are personalised with you and your baby in mind.

Made with a combination of waxes including N.Z. Beeswax, these candles project a gentle flame that reflects the light and life of this new soul.

The candle can be lit at each birthday and becomes a significant symbol throughout the child's life.

Available in:

  1. Cylinder 5cm x 18cm – Blue beeswax with blue inscription, a great gift for a newborn boy.
  2. Cylinder 5cm x 18cm – Inscribed with child's name and birthdate to burn when celebrating special occasions.
  3. Peaked Cylinder 6.5cm x 21cm - Inscribed in gold or silver decoration.
  4. Cylinder 5cm x 18cm - Light the candle every year through to their 21st birthday.
  5. Medium Cone - Inscribed in gold or silver decoration.

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