Wedding/Commitment Candles

Commitment candles can feature the names, date and a small verse or the couples vows. The candle is designed to include symbols and colour that are significant at this time. A set of three candles is sometimes used in such a ceremony. This is referred to as a Unity Set. There are many ways the set can used. One idea is for each person to light a candle which represents their individuality and then together each flame is used to light their unity candle. These candles can be lit on each anniversary as a reminder of the commitment the couple has made.

Available in:

  1. Floating candles – Star or Heart – Ivory and decorated with a gold or silver glitter. Available loose or in an organza bag.
  2. Wedding Set 1 x 7cm x 18cm cylinder and 2 x 5cm x 18cm cylinders - Ivory, inscribed, symbols and thread in gold or silver decoration plus 2 tapers to use during a wedding/commitment ceremony. The couple each light a taper from their family candle and together light the large candle symbolising bringing the two familites together.
  3. Cylinder 7cm x 18cm – Ivory, inscribed, symbols and thread in gold or silver decoration.

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