Celebration Candles

A personalised candle is a unique gift at times of celebration. Design a candle as a gift that reflects the nature of the occasion and the person receiving it. A personalised candle given at the time of celebration is a gift from the heart. This candle can be lit during ceremony and rituals e.g 21st birthday or any significant birthday, anniversaries, graduation, a house blessing.

Available in:

  1. Small Square - Orange beeswax candle decorated with gold paint and glitter
  2. Cylinder 5cm x 18cm - Personalised candle to celebrate a Baptism or Christening
  3. Medium Square - Celebrate graduation with a special candle
  4. Peaked Cylinder 6.5cm x 21cm - Inscribed with silver or gold decoration
  5. Cylinder 5cm x 18cm - Inscribed in gold decoration for First Holy Communion

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